Investment Marketing Newsletter – 3Q12

Investment Marketing Newsletter

As your company grows and evolves over time, it is important to review the strategic marketing plan to see how your financial and investment branding needs have changed. When updating your brand and marketing initiatives, it is important to assess the overall growth strategy of your firm, pinpoint long and short-term goals, and analyze past successes and failures to ensure that each initiative is tailored to your specific needs. At MBC Strategic, because we offer investment branding, marketing and communications solutions acorss advertsing, sales and marketing materials and investment website development, we understand the importance of brand analysis within the investment community.  

Your investment re-branding book should include:

  • A strategic plan with creative and functional needs and goals for the brand
  • Analysis of external factors, such as any changes in your target audience’s rational and emotional needs and buying patterns
  • Deep target market analysis, both current and aspirational
  • Clearly defined ideal client profiles and personas
  • Full competitive market overview to ensure that you identify your competitive advantages and differentiate the brand from other offerings

Using  coordinated and consistent web, media, print and press strategies, your company can effectively communicate and build lasting relationships with its target audiences. With the right combination of strategic thinking, creative insight and innovation, you can achieve business growth and success in any economic or investment environment.

As a investment branding agency that is focused on the finance industry, we work with a broad range of of investment firms of all sizes. Working with RIAs, mutual funds, ETFs, alternative investment managers amd some of the largest global investment conglomerates, we offer the strategic and creative thinking that drives results. 

To learn more about investment industry branding, see our white paper. You can also email or contact us for more information on rebranding your investment firm.