MBC Strategic Receives 2022 Best Mutual Fund Website Award

MBC Strategic was honored to receive a Best in Industry Web Marketing Association Web Award for the Best Mutual Fund Website of 2022 for their work with Homestead Funds. Matt Brunini, the founder of MBC Strategic, responded by saying, “We are proud of our work and excited to continue to produce quality, award-winning mutual fund websites and comprehensive rebrands for our clients as we help then grow their businesses.”

Homestead Funds’ website goal was not only to modernize their digital presence but convey a strong connection to their historic roots with a sense of hope for the future. Doing so, they included a well-thought-out user journey with strong visual language, videos and imagery to help streamline the mutual fund website. Leveraging strong white space, intriguing visuals, vibrant colors and interactive charts, the new brand and fund website launched at the end of 2021. Successfully paying homage to the roots of the company, the forward-thinking website stands out in its space – presenting modern imagery and messaging that’s proving to connect with the firm’s existing and future client base.

About The Webawards

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