Communication Design in Financial Marketing 

As the technology behind digital visualization continues to advance, web design is becoming more accessible and versatile as a medium of messaging for investment brands in financial marketing. This evolution has naturally coincided with the rise in prominence of the discipline known as communication design.

A hybrid mix of information-development and modern design framing, communications design is a specific realm of visualization focused on conveying key messaging and information in aesthetically pleasing, yet data-dense and impactful ways.

The ability to translate strategic communications into effective investment brand design is creating new digital experiences for audiences, and as a consequence, is becoming a critical aspect of brand marketing, with more and more agencies offering this specialization as a service.

It is the design vision and the goal of its messaging that lay within the responsibilities of a communication designer. 

If utilized effectively, financial marketing communication design in can help your company grow its brand awareness, reach a greater audience, and visually empower your messaging strategy.

Communication Design in Finance & Investment Industries

Considering the complexity of the industry, one of the sectors with the most to gain from quality communication design is financial services. Investors, advisors, asset managers, venture capitalists and bankers all must be able to tell stories and showcase thinking through numbers, data, forecasting, portfolios, and market dynamics. Doing so with the support of a visual investment brand design strategy has the potential to change perspectives and create deeper understanding by making the information easier to comprehend and more appealing to study.

Not only is this an essential tool for conveying information at a client or investor level, ensuring adequate use of communication design to convey important concepts at a brand level:

  1. Helps clarify your marketing message & value proposition
  2. Draws attention to your company through market differentiation
  3. Increases brand awareness by associating a specific visual style with your brand

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Making Communication Design Your Advantage

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, compelling visuals and design can make it or break it when it comes gaining traction for your firm. Customizing your investment website design to make it compelling to the target audience will help increase the degree to which your audience takes interest in what your firm has to offer. Further, interactive designs help engage the audience and ultimately persuade them to act in favor of your company.

Developing an effective website presence and creating appealing and digestible marketing collateral, such as factsheets, are the two most prominent areas of focus when it comes to integrating communication design, both being the key aspects of telling the brand story and its value proposition.

MBC Strategic Portfolio: Buckingham Strategic Wealth's Rollercoaster of Investor EmotionsVisualize an investors emotional journey to create personal connections

Further, intuitive and interactive designs will help engage audiences and help them retain the information, and likely look more favorably on your company in the process. Such examples could include a step-by-step infographic that takes you through the mortgage-backed securities investment process to boost client confidence or adding an interactive retirement calculator / hypothetical returns chart to a financial planning website can provide memorability and create a value-add that web users (and potential clients) are always seeking from brands they interact with.

Clearly demonstrate performance metrics

Viewing your financial brand through a communication design lens is also growing in urgency as younger generations are becoming increasingly interested in financial services and investing. They grew up in a digital environment and expect to see ideas and products expressed in visual ways, and the finance firms who capitalize on this type of marketing early will be rewarded by generations who have also proven to be fiercely loyal to their preferred brands.

Explore Communication Design in Finance

Now is the time to discover the massive upside that comes with effective visualization of key messaging. MBC helps clients utilize financial marketing communication design and fulfill their interests through comprehensive investment brand strategies that include visual expressions of objectives, services, and other things the clients want to convey.

To learn more, check out communication design in action in our portfolio or connect with us today.