Domos views real estate differently. With a commitment to standing confidently at the intersection of financial and social value, the projects they pursue are not only unique co-living investment opportunities, but ones that revive and breathe new life into underserved communities across many of our most vibrant cities. Created when Real Estate Asset Partners and Civitas Communities identified the parallels in their collective mission within co-living development and investment, Domos has over 30 years of cumulative experience. With an unrivaled track record of offering high-quality attainable housing, they provide investors with attractive returns while improving the nation’s urban centers.

MBC Strategic worked with Domos to concept and develop the brand and its identity, website and materials to go to market. The brand launched in the second quarter of 2019.


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  • 2019 Web Marketing Association
    Best in Industry Investment Website
  • 2019 dotCOMM Award Gold
    Website, Finance
  • 2019 MarCom Award Gold