Gartland & Mellina Group

Gartland & Mellina Group—a management consulting firm specializing in innovative insights and strategic solutions within Financial Services—sought out MBC Strategic’s award winning financial corporate communications to help design and promote a series of informational whitepapers written by its team of leading IT consultants. The MBC team developed a design scheme that extended Gartland & Mellina Group’s visual brand and created infographics, charts, and tables to help bring the data to the forefront and effectively communicate complex concepts.

MBC Strategic coordinated the launch of the whitepapers by seeking out the most relevant financial services technology publications, and creating a press microsite for members of the media to access the papers before the public launch. The corresponding press release was accessed by over 1,800 viewers, and shared on over 360 different media websites. The design and PR efforts helped to better position Gartland & Mellina group as a financial services IT thought leader.