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Municipal Capital Appreciation Partners (MCAP) focuses on real estate that can be refinanced with municipal bonds, as well as distressed, defaulted and non-rated municipal revenue bonds secured by real estate. Since its inception in 1996, the MCAP Funds have invested over $600 million in affordable housing, senior housing, assisted living facilities and related investments. The MCAP Funds have purchased, restructured and developed more than 8,000 multifamily housing units nationwide.

MBC Strategic was tasked to develop and design a complete brand identity system, which included a new logo, website and content, and a suite of identity and digital materials. With the help of MBC Strategic, MCAP has successfully defined their role in the investment community and is positioned for future growth and continued expansion. With the powerful visual identity of the website making content readily available to the public, MCAP has increased the opportunity for brand exposure and expand their marketing efforts. 

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