Launching of a New Real Estate Asset Class
A lifestyle co-living brand


Domos is the co-living investment arm stemming from a joint venture of Real Estate Asset Partners (REAP Capital) and Civitas Communities, who collectively bring over 30 years of experience in developing and investing at the intersection of financial and social value. The firms originally approached MBC to help name and build their new co-living investment brand.

MBC was tasked with creating an industry leading lifestyle real estate investment brand that was instantly recognizable for both investors and individuals seeking more information on the new real estate asset class of co-living, as well as some of the opportunity zone investment projects. 


After multiple interviews, naming and brand-building exercises, the framework of Domos started to take shape. The name Domos stands for a feeling of home, of bettering and improving the lives and communities where they invest and build. The next stop was the logo and visual identity, which incorporated a collective and unified look and feel. The co-living investment brand’s website features full-width animated imagery with easy to understand calls-to-actions.

An integral part of this real estate investment brand-building project was to educate visitors on co-living through the use of custom icons, beautiful imagery and clear and concise language, giving the user a calming sense of understanding what it is they are engaging with. The use of a strong blue and a lighter gold help to differentiate Domos from their competitors, and the website serves as the brand’s first step in establishing a lifestyle brand to support its significant co-living development and investment in both Atlanta and Los Angeles.


The brand was launched in 1Q 2019 and was rewarded a 2019 dotCOMM Gold Award for financial websites. The brand continues to be well-received throughout the co-living and real estate investment community, with a scalable design scheme to support the firm’s rapid growth.