Successful Rollout of a Custom Real Estate Investment Website Application

When marketing large portfolios of assets, there is a significant level of information relating to the due diligence and analytics for each asset that must be made accessible to a large number of potential real estate investment website users. Information also needs to be organized in a sortable, exportable, user-friendly way. This was particularly important for MBC’s longstanding client, Guardian Investment Banking, which was in the process of communicating with buyers about large-scale loan portfolios for major financial institutions. Guardian needed a custom application to both serve as a marketing communication tool, and link users into a secure document vaulting system, allowing their hands-on real estate investment banking team to better distribute information and communicate with prospective buyers.

The resulting proprietary real estate investment website application – Guardian MarketMaker – provides for easy management, updating, organization and analysis of both real estate and loan portfolio due diligence materials with built-in direct marketing functionality to garner maximum visibility. The application also integrates and automates Guardian’s secure data vaulting system for disclosure and deal agreements with the ability to parse assets either individually or by the overall portfolio. This resulted in users exporting a total of 2,900 assets during a recent loan portfolio deal.

By using this streamlined marketing approach to communicate information on a large deal to a large number of users in Guardian’s nationwide buyer network, the deal gained a following of nearly 5,000 real estate investment website users, with a 99.1% communication deliverability rate. The MBC Strategic team plans to continue applying the MarketMaker real estate investment website design and platform sales model to help the Guardian identify potential buyers – enhancing their ability to continue offering nationally-recognized real estate investment banking and loan sales advisory services.

Read the case study on Guardian MarketMaker here.