Impact Investment Marketing & Branding Vital to Growth of Burgeoning Industry Segment

Growth of Impact Investing

Examining the sustainability of the products we consume and way we live our lives has become a growing trend in the world today. Organic foods, fair trade consumables, and renewable energy have all become a part of mainstream culture because they seek to make the way we live beneficial to others in addition to ourselves. Impact investing – often considered a part of the larger field of social enterprise – is a movement within the investment industry to make the financial instruments and investment vehicles we use to generate returns also in line with the sustainability trend.

Last month, Institutional Investor published thoughts by the Global Impact Investing Network’s CEO, Luther Ragin Jr., on the growing viability of impact investing in the industry. As investors are now reporting meeting or exceeding their financial goals, major investment banks including Goldman Sachs, UBS, and Morgan Stanley are now entering the segment. As competition increases, strategic impact investment marketing and branding for funds with goals of both performance and sustainability is key.

Why is Impact Investment Marketing Important?

Impact investment marketing is more important in this investment segment than perhaps any other for two reasons:

First, the social goals of impact funds widely vary. One fund mentioned by Institutional Investor sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative, for example, has the goal of providing affordable housing to underprivileged families. Meanwhile others have environmental, agricultural, or venture capital goals in both the U.S. and abroad. Currently, these funds are all grouped together under the term “impact investing” but as the segment matures, having a visual brand with distinct strategic messaging will help set the goals of your fund apart from the plethora of others.

Second, the twofold goals of a social impact fund require not only performance reporting, with which institutions are familiar, but also reporting on the social progress that the investor is making possible. This requires ongoing communication, as well as market insights and news focused on this specific area.

As institutions look into the impact investment field, it is important to have a partner with experience branding financial services and investments with unique goals to differentiate impact funds and strategically communicate with investors. MBC Strategic is excited about the growth of the impact investment marketing field, and we are excited to be involved.