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During its tenure as the largest financial services firm and one of the largest overall companies in the world, AIG enjoyed a 10-year partnership with the team at MBC, with projects that included strategy, design, writing, web, practice management, and targeted campaigns across its wide range of investment, insurance, and financial advisory companies. AIG companies were involved in nearly every aspect of the investment business chain and MBC worked with a large number of their associated companies. They included one of the largest providers of variable annuity products and the largest network of independent broker dealers in the United States.

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The team at MBC has worked across SunAmerica’s companies for more than 15 years

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SunAmerica Asset Management

Concept, strategy and content for SAAMCo, who oversees a $50 billion family of funds

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SunAmerica Practice Management

Value add practice management materials to support advisors business

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