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Campaign 5000

Campaign 5000 sought to promote a hidden but substantial social issue silently devastating estates, trusts, and relationships across the country. MBC Strategic was brought on to help communicate the details surrounding this dire situation to those who needed it most. Ultimately looking to get the word out to any professionals serving the end-clients facing this potential issue, MBC Strategic produced copy, sourced imagery, and created a brand and visual identity for the campaign. A white paper allowed the firm to better reach out to journalists to gain traction for the idea, ultimately resulting in a column in the New York Times on the issue of toxic succession. MBC Strategic’s pivotal role won Campaign 5000 an unprecedented amount of publicity, positioning the campaign as a thought leader in the space of toxic succession.


AIG is one of the world’s largest insurers and financial service providers

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Partner Engineering and Science

MBC Strategic recently developed a bold and humorous advertising campaign showcasing Partner’s core strength: its ability to deliver high quality, thorough due diligence, quickly. Partner…

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The team at MBC has worked across SunAmerica’s companies for more than 15 years

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