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MainLine West

As an independent alternative municipal investment firm, MainLine West looked to outperform in a rather unique way in the world of municipal bond investing. The firm offers unique market access, delivering both separately managed accounts for municipal bond investing as well as private, alternative municipal investment opportunity funds. MainLine sought new and updated branding, a new investment website, and suite of alternative investment marketing materials to better communicate its benefits and strategies to prospective investors. The alternative investment website, brand identity, and presentation materials launched in late 2016, helping to position MainLine West for continued success.

Gurtin Municipal Bond Management

As a $10 billion municipal bond manager with a roster of high net worth clients, Gurtin Municipal Bond Management felt it was time for their…

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Russell Investments

MBC has assisted one of leading global asset managers since 2005, working across multiple divisions and product lines

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Servco Pacific Capital

One of Hawaii’s largest corporations, Servco, was broadening its private equity office in San Francisco and looking to leverage their brand in the process. Servco…

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