Preqin Hedge Fund Study Underscores Need for Alternative Investment Branding and Marketing

According to the latest hedge fund study by Preqin, 65% of investors were satisfied with hedge fund returns in 2014, and plan to increase their stake in hedge funds in the upcoming year. The study also analyzed the industry and investor sentiment, and surveyed hedge fund managers, investors, and institutions on what they anticipate in 2015.

Investors continue to seek transparency. As they increasingly demand education on investment products and options, hedge funds are pushed to help investors better understand what they are investing in, where performance comes from, and how things might change over time. In an increasingly competitive environment, this strategic hedge fund marketing and communication will continue to evolve into a more decisive factor for both retail and institutional investors looking at alternative investment opportunities. Branding, marketing and communications for hedge funds and alternative investment providers is becoming more and more important and funds need to better differentiate to attract and retain investors.

MBC Strategic recently attended the 1st Annual Los Angeles Alternative Investment Conference hosted by the CFA Society of Los Angeles, the California Hedge Fund Association, and the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association and spoke with some of the top hedge fund industry leaders in the area. Popular topics included what the future of the hedge fund industry might look and how marketing communication can help hedge funds stand out in the increasingly crowded industry. Utilizing such alternative investment marketing and communications strategies can increase investor confidence and help a firm get ahead.

As Stryker Watts, Creative Strategist at MBC Strategic, noted after the Conference, “There is definitely a strong interest in the opportunities alternative investment marketing and branding opens up. Hedge fund managers discussed the changing industry and how they expect new efforts in marketing and communications to prove increasingly useful in the upcoming year. Communication, transparency, and marketing will all have bigger roles upon investor sentiment and larger investment decisions.”

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