Immersive Advisor and Investor Education
Interactive Investment Storytelling Campaign


The Buckingham family of financial service companies, including Buckingham Strategic Wealth, Buckingham Wealth Partners and Buckingham Strategic Partners, constitutes one of the largest Registered Investment Advisors in the nation, holding over $50 billion under advisement. With a comprehensive wealth platform and a focused, evidence-driven approach, Buckingham delivers an unparalleled experience for financial advisors and their clients.

In 2022, Buckingham partnered with MBC in launching a dynamic, experiential print and digital campaign rooted in investment education. MBC designed and developed a website and materials, collectively covering seven key topics to support advisors and their clients in better understanding every step of the planning, investing and portfolio management process, with the support of data-driven infographics and immersive & interactive visual components.


Upon conducting stakeholder interviews and deep research, MBC began developing a structural vision, clearly breaking down each step of planning, designing and building portfolios, while offering an intuitive and easy-to-follow user journey. Graphics supported by text, interactive tools and “dive deeper” opportunities were implemented to break down the platform into a clear navigational pathway, with each component designed to build and progress forward.

The strategy is designed to offer a parallel to life’s journey, offering directional advice as well as control, allowing users to feel in charge in their journey, yet supported at every step. The data-based immersive site allows for deep linking to specific topics, such as harmonizing life and financial plans, the science of Buckingham’s portfolio strategy or an investors path to personalization. Whether an investor wants to gain a topical understanding of an investment concept to begin a conversation with their advisor or dive deeper, learning the ins and the outs and spending time understanding how various decisions impact their trajectory through hands-on visual learning tools, the website offers an educational path.


The new website launched in 2022, featuring a unique educational platform within the investment space. The dynamic, intuitive website features information relevant to users within any step of their journey, allowing them to understand the ways in which Buckingham can work to support them throughout a range of needs and goals. The interactive investment education module was versioned for different companies within the Buckingham family and supported by a range of accompanying campaign print and presentation assets. The educational website has won the 2023 Best Investment Website Award from Webawards, as well as the Financial Content Marketing Award from Gramercy and the dotComm Platinum Award.