MBC Strategic Receives 2023 Financial Content Marketing Gramercy Institute Award

September 21, 2023, New York, NY – MBC Strategic has been awarded Gramercy Institute’s Wealth Management Financial Content Award for their innovative website storytelling work for Buckingham Strategic Wealth—one of the nation’s leading registered investment advisory firms. MBC is honored to receive this award for advisor-focused wealth management content marketing, design and website execution and is proud to share recognition with other award category winners, such as Citi, Alliance Bernstein, VanEck, T. Rowe Price and Invesco.

Buckingham partnered with MBC in launching a dynamic, experiential print and digital campaign rooted in investment education. Graphics supported by text, interactive tools and “dive deeper” opportunities were implemented to break down the website and portfolio management information architecture into a clear navigational pathway, with each component designed to build and progress forward. The strategy implemented is designed to offer a parallel to life’s journey, offering directional advice as well as control, allowing users to feel in charge in their journey, yet supported at every step. The data-based immersive site allows for deep linking to specific topics, such as harmonizing life and financial plans, the science of Buckingham’s portfolio strategy or an investors path to personalization featuring a unique educational platform within the investment space.

The interactive investment education website was intentionally designed for use across multiple companies within the Buckingham family along with a supported range of accompanying campaign print and presentation assets, collectively covering seven key topics to support advisors and their clients in better understanding every step of the planning, investing and portfolio management process, with the support of data-driven infographics and immersive and interactive visual components.

ABOUT the Gramercy institute

Founded in 2002, The Gramercy Institute provides research, analysis and consulting to the world’s top financial brands. The mission of the Gramercy Institute is “to provide insight and information to senior marketers from the world’s leading financial brands while honoring and sharing the industry’s very best practices.”

The Gramercy Institute has always held that asset management is a distinct area within financial services. With this in mind, Gramercy Institute, once again, invited the world’s leading asset management firms and their partners to enter their very best marketing work in this important marketing award program.

This program evaluated asset management marketing work according to creative excellence, content marketing, media strategy, marketing strategy, experiential marketing and other benchmarks of asset management marketing success. The Gramercy Institute hosts over twenty-five conferences, summits, forums and award shows each year in leading financial hubs worldwide including Amsterdam, Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Toronto.

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